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This is Claggy Bank Ends regular poacher!  He is carved in lime and painted with acrylics.  The third in the series and there are more to come!

Approx. Dimensions.  Height:  11 ” (28cm)  Base Depth:  5″ (23cm)  Base Width:  8″ (20cm)


The Claggy Bank End Gamekeeper.  He and his wee dog are carved in lime and painted in acrylics.  He is the second in the “Claggy Bank End” series.

Approx. Dimensions.  Height:  11 ” (28cm)  Base Depth:  5″ (23cm)  Base Width:  8″ (20cm)

“Happy Harry Of Claggy Bank End”

Happy Harry is the first piece using my new (well new to me) bandsaw.  So much easier!  Why did I not get one sooner?  I feel a series of these little ‘Claggy Bank End’ characters coming on….watch this space!

Approx. Dimensions:  Height: 9.5″ (24cm)  Base Depth : 5″ (12.5 cm)  Base Width: 6.25″ (16 cm)

“The Short Sighted Seer”

This is my latest character carving “The Short Sighted Seer” or “Where’s My Matches?”  His body and hat are Elm burr, his head, arms, the books and candle are Lime, the staff and foot are Blackthorn, the glasses are buffalo horn and the base is Oak.  Hope you like him!

Approx. Dimensions:  Height:  16″ (41cm)  Base:  8″ (20cm) round.

“Fiddler On The Hoof”  (Gypsy fiddler)

He is one of an ongoing series of characters known as ‘Fairy Folk’, inspired by my own life experiences, from my far off ‘busking days’.

He is a composite piece made up of a number of separately, hand carved pieces.

The main body of the work and the arms are hand carved from selected pieces of locally sourced lime wood.  The wood has been naturally seasoned by myself over approximately 5 years.

The body of the fiddle was individually hand carved from a seasoned elm burr, the neck is made from ebony along with the chin rest, the bridge is made from lime, the tuning keys are made from ram horn and the strings are made from silver coated wire.  The bow is made from purple heart wood and fruit wood.  The toadstools are made from snake wood and lime and the flat cap is made from elm wood.  The earring is gold plated.  It all stands on an oak base.

Approx. Dimensions:  Height: 17″ (43cm)  Base Depth:  6″ (15cm)  Base Width:  9.5″ (24cm)

“Eat. Drink And Be Merry….”

He is also a composite piece made entirely from lime wood, withe exception of the base which is made from ‘up cycled’ mahogany.  Again all of the lime wood was collected and seasoned naturally by myself for approximately 5 years.  Once seasoned, the wood is carefully selected and carved as composite pieces to give the carving as much strength as possible.  In this case, there are more than 20 individual pieces to create the finished carving.  The ‘Bluebird of happiness’ represents the way life brings you joy and takes it away again!  The bucket, I think, is self explanatory, life is short, enjoy it now!  The lamppost represents the markers we all seek in life wether it be age, achievement or wisdom.

Approx. Dimensions:  Height: 19″ (48cm)  Base Depth: 6″ (15cm)  Base Width: 8″ (20cm)

“Wizard On Toadstool”

Another composite piece.  The Wizard is made from lime wood, it’s a good wood for giving strength and detail.  The large toadstool caps are made from ‘up cycled’ mahogany with the stems carved from lime wood.  The small toadstools are also lime and the log is carved from up cycled teak wood, his staff is carved from a random piece of wood from a box in my studio and is topped with iron pyrite (fools gold).   The carving is set upon the base which is up cycled mahogany.

Approx. Dimensions:  Height: 14.5″ (37cm)  Base Depth: 8.75″ (22cm)  Base Width: 5.5″ (14cm)

“The Sentinel”  (Peregrin Falcon On Tree Stump)

I have had a life long interest in birds and a special interest in raptors, so the creation of this piece was an inevitability for me and a favourite with so many people.  He is carved from one piece of lime wood with light staining for colouration and set upon a round oak base.  This is a sample of a fairly stylised type of study of a natural form.

Approx. Dimensions:  Height: 13″ (33cm)  Base Diameter: 5″ (13cm)

“Wren On Lime Burr Toadstools”

These stylised  wrens demonstrate the individuality involved when commissioning a carving from me, even when simplified to this level, with only minor adjustment, you can have a completely different look to your individual sculpt.

Both wrens are freehand carvings from one piece of elm burr, from the same design sketches by me, all variations are simply because of the natural features of the wood.  The wrens beaks are carved from ebony.  The mushrooms are carved from lime burrs.  The lime burrs are from the same tree but were on different parts of the tree.

Approx. Individual Dimensions:  Wren 1:  Height: 5.5″ (14cm)  Base Depth: 3.5″ (9cm)  Base Width: 4.5″ (11.5cm)   Wren 2:  Height: 6″ (15cm)  Base Depth: 3″ (8cm)  Base Width: 4.5″ (11.5cm)

“The Millennium Druid”

This composite piece is carved entirely from lime wood and was created specifically for my lovely wife for new year 2000.  After years of putting up with sawdust and chippings,  I felt it was only fair she should get a special piece for her own private collection!  So,  carved from lime wood,  scorched and stained to emphasise shadows and details.,

Approx. Dimensions:  Height: 8″ (20cm)  Square Base: 5.5″ (14cm)

“Flying Leap!”  (Leaping Brown Trout)

This piece is carved from a found elm burr!  It is a single piece carving, inspired by many local fishing trips during which I came to admire these hardy fish.  Considered by many to be the ‘poor mans game fish’…..considered by me to be a cracking lunch, cleaned and cook on the riverside!

Approx. Dimensions:  Height: 8.5″ (22cm)  Base Width: 10.5″ (27cm)   Base Depth: 5″ (13cm)

“Love Spoons”

These are a traditional celtic love token with all the of the traditional symbolism, given as one or a matching pair by lovers.  These are a modern twist on the love spoon.  Carved from Purple Heart wood (purple being the colour of passion) and the endless intertwined loop (symbol of life and love).  These particular ones were carved as an anniversary present for my loving wife.  Love spoons can vary in design and in size.

Approx. Length: 6″ (15cm)