Artist, Sculptor & Designer


“Tower Beat”  (Acrylic on Board)

This is one of my favourite fishing beats along the river Esk .  A lone salmon fisherman tries his luck in the late Autumn sun. Approx. Board Size:  Height 16″ (40.5cm)  Width: 12″ (30.5cm)

Tower Beat


“A Quiet Corner”  (Acrylic on Board)

High Summer on the River Esk.  The river deepens on this corner and seems to slow for a moment before resuming it’s tumble along the valley.

Approx. Board Size:  Height 16″ (40.5cm)  Width: 12″ (30.5cm)

A Quiet Corner


“Solway Sunset”  (Acrylic on Box Canvas)

This was inspired by countless walks along the river Eden at Rockcliffe (Cumbria), out onto the marsh of the Solway Firth.  A wonderful space away from it all.

Approx. Canvas Size:   Height: 8″ (20.5cm)  Width: 19.75″ (50cm)  Depth: 1.5″ (4cm)

Solway Sunset

Wizardy Eek! & Wizardy Pfft!”  (Acrylic on Canvas)

These were painted for a bit of light relief with a view to having them printed for sale.  Unfortunately I didn’t realise that getting good quality printing, at a reasonable price could be so problematic…learning all the time!

Approx. Size:  Height 7″ (18cm)  Width: 5″ (13cm)

“A Chance Meeting”  (Little Owls Acrylic on Canvas)

This painting was painted for my wonderful wife as a presentation piece for her private collection.  It was the first painting i had produced in a number of years after a long and messy divorce, so long in fact, it was the first painting she actually saw me do!  (We’d been together 7 years by this point)!!  I tried to incorporate as much as I could about my love for the countryside and natural history, including a number of more obscure personal references to my own life.

Approx. Canvas Size:  Height: 31″ (79cm)  Width: 25″ (63cm)

Little Owls


“Armathwaite Amble”  (Acrylic on Box Canvas)

This was painted from a photo I took whilst out on a countryside walk along the River Eden  at Armathwaite with an old friend.  It was a glorious spring afternoon.

Approx. Canvas Size:  Height: 12″ (30.5cm)  Width” 9″ (23cm)  Depth: 1.5″ (4cm)

Armathwaite Amble