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Digital Art

“Night Flight”

This was my first attempt not only at digital art but also painting one of my own dragonflies, these are my own original designs.  The setting is based on a little cascade not far from where I live, it’s also one of my favourite local spots, somewhere where when the light’s right, I can see the creatures of a fantasy world that I have carried around with me for years.  The dragon fly is a chameleon like creature no bigger than 5″, they feed on fireflies and can shoot light flashes from their mouth in the form of a bright fire fly, they use this for attracting food and courting.

Night Flight


“Passing Time”

My second ever digital dragonfly.  These dragonflies have the ability to change colour as necessary, like a chameleon.  This one has settled for an evening drink before heading off for a feed in the twilight.  The bowl in the rock is inspired by a number of riverside features.  I see these formations a lot on my many local walks…i call them walks but they tend to be more of a scramble….to find those secret scenes off the beaten track but they are so often right under our noses, no matter where we live!




“Fairy Folk Collection”

This collection was inspired by a commission.  I was asked to illustrate a book for children with learning difficulties called The Wonder Of Wings.  These again are digitally painted.

Approx. Size:  A5 & A4


The Original painting of this was acrylic on canvas and although I was reasonably happy with it, I knew it could be a lot better.  So, I experimented by digitally painting over it and came up with this.  The kingfisher is, without a doubt, my favourite waterside bird.  No matter what, seeing one of these little birds always makes a good walk great!



“Wishful Thinking” 

This is an entirely imaginary landscape created by me for my fantasy portrait of my lovely wife Claire depicted as a fairy.  I have also incorporated two of my dragonflies into the painting.  This picture, when hung in a well lit room will appear to change with the changes in overall lighting in the room, alternatively, when lit with an artificial directional light, the painting will display an almost luminescent quality.

Approx. Size: Height: 21″ (53cm) x 17″ ((43cm)

Wishful Thinking