Artist, Sculptor & Designer

Pen & Ink

“The Wanderer – Yem.”  “The Busker – Minstrel’s Lament.”   “The Angler – Jus’ Fishin’.”  “The Little Miseries” (collective name)

This series of 3 pen and ink drawings are the forerunners  to the Jester series.  Again these are firmly based on elements of my life which have given me high and low moments, i.e. that moment of “why do I do this?”.  The Wanderer – “Yem”, The Busker – “Minstrel’s Lament”, The Angler – “Jus’ Fishin'”.  Even though they are ‘Little Miseries’, they are, (I feel) drawn with a humorous slant on aspects of my life that played a major part in inspiring many of my artworks in so many ways.  The emphasis on the title should really be the Little Miseries because they make the good bits so good!

Approx. Size:  A4

“Harvest Mouse and Dragon Fly.”   “Harvest Mouse and Wasp.”  

I have spent many an hour simply sitting and watching various animals.  On a few very special occasions, I was lucky enough to watch theses endearing little harvest mice go about their lives.  Personally, they just make me smile whenever i see their comical acrobatics!

Approx. Size:  A4

 “Little Owl.”  ” Barn Owl.”   “Tawny Owl.”  (The Owl Collection)

These drawings are my other favourite types of birds.  Owls have been a life long subject of interest to me after I rescued and nursed back to health an injured tawny owl as an 8/9 year old child.

Approx. Size:  A3

“Wrens On Hawthorn”

You can often hear these little warblers before you notice a little brown ball bobbing through the hedge.  They move so fast, it’s hard to see the detail on them.  I thought it would be interesting to raw the detail with the finest pen I could find, the Rotring Technical pen with Rotring black ink.

Approx. Size: A3

Wrens  On Hawthorn


“Long Tailed Tits On Apple Tree”

I felt compelled to draw these after one of their fairly frequent visits to my garden.  More often than not, in a flock of up to 20 at a time.  I always stop and watch them as they move through garden.  The drawing was done, again with a Rotring pen and Rotring inks.

Approx.Size: A3

Long Tailed Tits


“A Fool And His Money.  Tears Of A Clown”  (Jester Pair)

These are from my wife and I’s personal collection.  They are very personal to me in the form of a parody of my personality and my experiences.  These are the only coloured pen & inks I have done….so far.  The pens were Rotring pens and Rotring inks, quite expensive at the time, hence only 2 drawings!