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Cold Cast Aluminium

I thought it might be useful to explain why this method is so widely used for both commercial pieces and one off originals.
Firstly, the finished piece can be cast in a huge array of materials suspended in resin e.g. bronze, copper, aluminium through to granite, slate, marble and many many more. It’s even possible to have them silver plated (with an assay mark) although it is an additional process and more expensive. The original piece is made out of modelling wax, from that a rubber mould is made (at this stage, the mould taken had better be good because taking out the wax model WILL destroy it). A suspension of the chosen material i.e. fine bronze powder in resin, is poured into the mould. Once set, it is removed from the mould and fettled, that is grinding off all the tatty bits that shouldn’t be there and cleaning the surface of ‘clart’ and ‘claggy’ bits (My technical terms!).

“The Little Thinker”  (“Erm”).

What’s he thinking about?  Nothing in particular, just one of those quiet moments we occasionally get to ourselves….”away with the fairies” as my mother says!

Approx. Dimensions:  Height:  10″ (26cm) Base Diameter: 4″ (10cm)

“Mumble” (Mini Mage series)

One of those characters who constantly has his nose in a book, on a quest for knowledge which they are far to busy amassing to actually share!

Approx. Dimensions:  Height:  7″ (18cm)  Base Diameter:  3.5″ (8.5cm)

“Oshi*”  (Mini Mage series)

He is the type of character who is keen to experiment, without really considering the consequences!  He loves the WHOOSH! FLASH! BANG!….until it gets to scary, hence OSHI*……run away!

Approx. Dimensions:  Height:  6″ (15cm)  Base Diameter:  3.5″ (8.5cm)

“Herb”  (Mini Mage series)

He is the dreamer!  Full of interesting thoughts but with no practical ability or application.  He will ponder the possibilities of life for hours and hours…today….tomorrow…..

Approx. Dimensions:  Height:  4.5″ (11.5cm)  Base Diameter:  3.5″  (8.5cm)

“Dragon Hatchlings”  

These are just cute!  There’s just something about reptile hatchlings, wether its a crocodiles, snakes, or, a favourite with a lot of people, turtles.  Dragons have always been a favourite subject with many fantasy artists and storytellers.  I’m no exception.  I could come up with a background story for this series but i’m no storyteller, so I’ll leave it to you to tell your own story and name your dragon.  Maybe one day I’ll tell my own story but for now, I’ll just create the characters hopefully, for your pleasure.

Approx. Dimensions:  Dragon 1:  Height:  4″ (10cm)  Base Diameter:  2.5″ (6cm)     Dragon 2:  Height: 3.5″ (9cm)  Base Diameter:  2.5″ (6cm)         Dragon 3:  Height:  3.75 (9.5cm)  Base Diameter:  2.5″ (6cm)

“Dinner Guest”  (Little Owl)

The first of a planned series of British owls.  The little owl feeds on insects, invertebrates and small mammals.  Sculpted after years of freelancing for Border Fine Art, the first return to my own style and design. He is sat on a cherry tree stump with his “dinner guest” Combining anatomical accuracy with a loose style to create a unique, original sculpt style, in cold cast aluminium  I struggled to keep this sculpt as loose as it is, until my wife reminded me that i was doing this for myself and not Border Fine Art!?  It’s not as easy as you might think to have the freeness and the accuracy of detail.  It took me quite a while but I feel i achieved what I set out to do and can only hope other people will too!

Approx. Dimensions:  Height: 9.5″ (24cm)  Base Depth: 6″ (15cm)  Base Width: 4.25″ (11cm)

“A Close Call/Taking Flight”  (Barn Owl)

The second of the owl series.  If anything, this one was more difficult than the first one, if only because, in real life the barn owl has such a streamlined, smooth plumage.  To keep the same style of sculpt was a challenge to say the least.  This owl is also on a cherry tree stump with associated fungi attached.  I haven’t named the fungi in the hope that anyone who’s interested enough, can identify it for themselves!  Produced in cold cast aluminium, this piece depicts a failed hunting attempt to catch a mouse, one check, and he’s off to try again.  I have tried to capture that moment before he takes off again while maintaining my preference for anatomical accuracy and proportion.  This series will continue to grow over the next few years.

Approx. Dimensions:  Height: 10″ (26cm)  Base Depth:  5.5″ (16cm)  Base Width:  4.5″ (11.5cm)