Artist, Sculptor & Designer


I am a self taught artist, born in Bolden Colliery in 1960. I have many years of experience as a commercial artist, designer, sculptor and illustrator. Working in a wide range of media to private commission for many years ranging from: working to order as a freelance cartoonist for the “Cumberland News” and the “Evening News & Star”…..


Shortage of Shepherds in Cumbria – May 1994


… designing and creating entire ranges of very successful commercial character based products for “Enesco”\”Border Fine Arts”, in the form of the full “Reynards Estate” range …. and the “Rats The Way To Do It” series….

……as well as numerous other individual pieces …..

Although I was not credited with these in the catalogue, all pieces I made will be have a hand signed signature on it somewhere!

I taught a woodcarving course at “Carlisle College”.  This was the carving that got me the job!

Tears Of A Clown - woodcarving

(Sorry about the quality of the photo but it was taken B.D.(Before Digital))!?  It’s not quite finished there but sadly, this is the only photo I have of it.

I have produced numerous carvings over the years for my own amusement and to private commission (Again some of the photos are B.D.)!

Owl & Falcon Walking Stick 02Magli The Mage 02

Magli The Mage 01









I enjoy carving and have carved many different things, from rocking horses to walking sticks and even a set of Punch and Judy puppets!

Rocking Horse 01

Clown, Mrs Punch, Mr Punch & Policeman

Croc. For Punch & Judy


Magli The Mage 01

For more pictures of my woodcarving work, (yes, there are more)!?  Please view the rest of my website!


I have been living and working on the border between England and Scotland, on one side or the other for 25 years now.  As a border artist, I am inspired by my surroundings, seeking out both the wildlife, scenery and secret places of the area and incorporating them in my artwork and creations in both 2D & 3D.  I try to depict the beauty and magic of this often overlooked part to the country and hopefully join the ranks of the many other border artists who try to promote the area through their artwork as a place to visit, explore and discover some of the secret places that have given me so much inspiration and subject matter over the years.

As I said, I have lived and worked in the area on both sides of the border.  From the coastal estuary at Rockcliffe near Carlisle, where the rivers Esk and Eden meet the sea.  This is where I first became a border artist, living for some 20 years on the Solway before moving inland and up stream along the river Esk into Dumfriesshire.

I have frequently been commissioned by companies such as Border Fine Arts and associated companies, Enesco and Country Artists, also separately commissioned by Beswick.  I have created, designed and sculpted many of their commissions for figurines and collectibles, inspired by my surroundings.